Congratulations !!! to New Law College for being ranked 6th by Career 360    'A+' Accreditation (Third Cycle) by 'NAAC' in 2017,     All India 6th Rank by India Today (May,2017),   All India 5th Rank by Outlook (May,2017),   All India 5th Rank by The Week (June,2017)

Dear Students,
I am indeed happy to note your interest in joining our University. I established Bharati Vidyapeeth in 1964 with a realization that....

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Hon’ble Prof .Dr. Shivajirao kadam

Pro-Chancellor, Bharati Vidyapeeth University Former Member, University Grants Commission

Dear Students,
Hearty welcome to you in Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University a splendid temple of learning.....

Hon’ble Prof .Dr. M. M. Salunkhe

Vice Chancellor Bharati Vidyapeeth University

Hon’ble Dr. Vishwajeet Kadam

Secretary,Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune

Dear Students, Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, a globally acclaimed university is know for its multidisciplinary, multi-campus ....

Hon’ble Prof. Dr.Mukund Sarda

Dean, Faculty of Law
Principal, New Law College, Pune

Dear Students,
"Law is the King of Kings" and "Justice to all" are the prime concerns of every democratic set up.

  • "Bharati Vidyapeeth University is global institution of academic excellence and an institution of nation building......."

    - Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam,Former President of India

  • "I believe that destiny has been kind to me because it is not given to many people to lay the foundation stone and after 25 years to attend the Silver Jubilee of the institution........"

    -Hon’ble Mr. Justice Y.V. Chandrachud Former Chief Justice of India....

  • "I have gone around your campus. It's an extra ordinary institution which I have seen today. I have been to different parts of this country the world, but an institution of this type I have never seen anywhere else........."

    -Hon'ble Justice Mr. P.N. Bahgwati, Former Chief Justice of India Chairman, UNHRC....

  • " I was indeed overwhelmed when I arrived at this beautiful campus of Bharati Vidhyapeeth. The floral welcome, I received from the students faculty, which made me feel at home..........."

    -Hon'ble Justice Mr. A.M. Ahmadi, Former Chief Justice of India....

  • "I am happy to be here. Here is an Institution which is not intended for education to have the value of money.........."

    -Hon'ble Justice Mr. Rangnath Mishra, Former Chief Justice of India....

  • "I love to be in the education institution where learning is worshipped surrounded by educated faculty as in New Law College..........."

    -Hon'ble Justice Mr.R.C. Lahoti, Former Chief Justice of India....

  • "Your Institution is different in many ways.It has the largest number of faculties in the college. It is also an impressive campus with equally impressive results of the students. The unique feature of this institute is its academic excellence an high standards of discipline that have not been allowed to be diluted sacrificed............"

    -Hon'ble Justice Mr. Justice D.P. Mahopatra, Former Judge, Supreme Court of India....

  • "I have been to some educational institutions, I studied in some and today I envy you. You are blessed with beautiful campus............."

    -Hon'ble Justice Mr. N. Santosh Hegde Former Judge, Supreme Court Of India....

  • "The chair being the same occupant makes the big difference. it is not important to have an academic institution but a proper academic atmosphere, whcih is here in abundance.............."

    -Hon'ble Justice Mr. Justice Shivraj Patil Former Judge, Supreme Court Of India....

  • "While I was taken around the entire complex. I was thoroughly satisfied the way this institute is taking shape. New Law College has a great future..............."

    -Hon'ble Justice Mrs. Justice Ranjana Desai Former Judge, Supreme Court Of India....

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Ranked amongst the top Law Schools in the Country:
'A+' Accreditation (Third Cycle) by 'NAAC' in 2017,
All India 6th Rank by India Today (May,2017),
All India 5th Rank by Outlook (May,2017),
All India 5th Rank by The Week (June,2017)

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