Every year students have an opportunity to serve the society through NSS camps. Law students of all courses are always eager to join these camps as they believe in the saying “Service to Society is Service to God.”

Objectives: The broad objectives of NSS are to

1. Understand the community in which they work
2. Understand themselves in relation to their community
3. Identity the needs and problems of the community and involve them in problem solving process
4. Develop among them a sense of social and civic responsibility
5. Utilize their knowledge in finding practical solution to individual and community problem
6. Develop competence required for group-living and sharing of responsibilities
7. Gain skills in mobilizing community participation
8. Acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitude
9. Develop capacity to meet emergencies and natural disasters
10. Practice national integration and social harmony

The Motto

NSS programme should provide a variety of learning experience which must develop a sense of participation, service and achievement among the volunteers. The aim of the center is:

Making education more relevant to the present situation to meet the felt needs of the community and supplement the education of the university/college students by bringing them face to face with the rural situation.
Providing opportunity to the students to play their role in planning and executing development projects which would not only help in creating durable community assets in rural areas and urban slums but also results in the improvement of quality of life of the economically and socially weaker sections of the community.
Encouraging students and non-students to work together along with the adults in rural areas.
Developing qualities of leadership by discovering the latent potential among the campers, both students as well as local youth (Rural and Urban), with a view to involve them more intimately in the development programme and also to ensure proper maintenance of the assets created during the camps.
Emphasizing dignity of labour and self-help and the need for combining physical work with intellectual pursuits.
Encouraging youth to participate enthusiastically in the process of national development and promote national integration, through corporate living and cooperative action.
While undertaking these activities, each NSS unit should envisage its programmes/activities aimed at instilling discipline, building character, promotion of physical fitness and development of culture.
Sr.No. Year Date Place Cases Surveyed by the students Cases heard
1. 1999-2000 19th to 18th January Ambegaon, Ta. Mulshi, Dist. Pune 100 25
2. 2000-2001 16th to 25th December Lavale, Ta. Mulshi, Dist. Pune 125 30
3. 2001-2002 10th to 17th January Lavale, Ta. Mulshi, Dist. Pune 150 35
4. 2002-2003 3rd to 11th January Bhilarewadi, Ta. Mulshi, Dist. Pune 150 40
5. 2003-2004 14th to 23rd January Nigade, Ta. Maval, Dist. Pune 250 75
7. 2005-2006 5th to 14th January Kachare, Ta. Mulshi. Dist. Pune 200 50
8. 2006-2007 8th to 18th January Bhilarewadi, Ta. Mulshi, Dist. Pune 75 22
9. 2007-2008 18th 27th January Sarole, Ta. Bhor, Dist. Pune 100 48
10. 2006-2007 21st to 27th January Savargaon, Ta. Mulshi, Dist. Pune. 150 32
11. 2009-2010 17th February Welu, Ta. Bhor, Dist. Pune 40 32
12. 2010-2011 18th February Mangaon, Dist. Pune 43 34
13. 2011-2012 11th January Ambi, Dist. Pune 95 30
14. 2012-2013 17th January Ambi, Dist. Pune 60 20
15. 2013-2014 20th January Ambi, Dist. Pune 50 10
16. 2014-2015 27th January Ambi, Dist. Pune 85 35
17. 2015-2016 25th January Ambi, Dist. Pune 69 25
18. 2016-2017 19th to 25th February Ambi, Dist. Pune 50 10
19. 2017-2018 12th to 18th February Pirangut, Ta. Mulshi, Dist Pune