Legal Research Center
Welcome to NLC's Legal Research Center
Our primary mission is to train our students to produce highly sophisticated and cost-effective legal research.

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Prof. Dr. Mukund Sarda,( Articles Published)

Legal Research Center offers students:

A superlative research wing that offers the post-graduate & PH.D students an opportunity to explore new vistas of learning and also equip them with a number of additional facilities An unbeatable research atmosphere where more stress is on innovation and new discoveries in legal continuum New Law College Legal Research Center An extensive result-oriented approach for creating genius among the students A host of guest lectures & Seminars from the stalwarts of Judiciary and other renowned intellectuals A multitude of invaluable legal resources including various legal databases like Westlaw,Lexis-Nexis, Manupatra, SCC On-line, Crimes On-line & so on A vast and useful training programmes for the Distance Learning students that includes presentations delivered by various professionals from esteemed legal institutions or firms. Specialized classes, long and short, that helps students to develop into expert legal researchers Workshops & Sensitization taught by experienced research analists and specialized trainers