Student Bar Association brings out an annual publication of Vidhi Bharati, Infolex and Justicia containing articles on contemporary social and legal issues which is written with the help of adulation of Legal Luminaries, Professors and students. New Law College In-house Publications

• Justicia
Law is not an antique piece to be taken down, dusted, admired and put back on the shelf. It is not abstract, it is not a set of mechanical rules. It has a social purpose and an economic mission. As observed by cardozo “the inn that shelter for the night is not the journey's end, law like the travelers must be ready for the morrow'. Inspired by these golden words we have designed law journal called “Justicia”. We feel that justicia clothed and ornamented by the speeches of the legends of legal fraternity will definitely do justice to the students of law faculty. Law makes a man civilized and the state accountable. Justicia will surely do justice to the students as it is of the justice and for the future justices.

• Vidhi Bharati
Vidhi Bharati is the yearly journal publication which talks about dimensions of judicial activism. It's well said in Britain "judges ought to remember that their office is… to interpret law and not to make law.” The publication talks about judicial activism and how the court moves beyond its normal role of a mere adjudication of disputes and becomes a player in the system of country laying down principles and guidelines that the executive must carry.

• Infolex
This particular Journal keeps account of the different shades of law and its changing dimensions.But this year it has focused on Intellectual Property Rights, whether it is the key Component for Economic Success? The prime motive of this particular publication is to awaken the masses about Intellectual Property Rights.