Human Right Cell

Human Rights Infra at New Law CollegeSeminar on "Protection of Women from Domestic Violence", was conducted by the students of New Law College, Anuradha Beniwal and Urvashi of final year and 3rd year respectively. Adv. Asim Sarode was the guest of honor.The seminar focused on the introduction of PWDVA by the legislation and its application in our society. A stark demarcation between the ‘law on paper’ and the ‘law in application’ was shown by presenting a number of cases of domestic violence pending in the courts and the lax attitude of the law officers while dealing with them.
Dr. Mukund Sarda expressed his views and said that  domestic violence is a great violation of a woman’s right as her security, dignity and self worth are at stake in her own home.

Human rights activist, Adv. Asim Sarode added that the Act is not against men, it is against the abusers present in our society. He also said that though the law looks luminous on paper, changing the mindset of people will be a big challenge in implementing this law in the real sense. Best Law College Human Rights Cell

"Human Rights Cell"
was introduced in the college after the seminar.
The Cell is going to deal in various social causes say
1 Woman
2 Children
3 Sex Workers
4 Drug Addicts
The Human Rights Cell (HRC) will work in collaboration with HRLD and other Government and Non-Government organizations.
Our Mission is to take the law to the masses, to every nook and corner of our society, and provide Justice to every downtrodden