Alumni Association / activities

The institution has registered alumni association. The alumni association members are primarily advocates, law officers, legal advisors, academicians & solicitor. The member elects the office bears as per the norms ever year. The list of the current Office bearers is as follows.

  • President                :- Adv. Amar Patil
  • Vice- President       :- Adv. Sachin Zalte
  • Secretary               :-Adv. Moreshwar Shedge
  • Joint Secretary        :- Adv. Deepak Patil
  • Treasurer                :- Adv. Deepmala Ingale
  • List its activities during the last two years.

    The activities conducted by the alumni association include legal aid camp, legal literacy programmes, placement training, visit to the courts etc.

    Details  of the top ten alumni occupying prominent positions.

    Out standing Alumni


    Mr. Sudhakar Padhyaya

    District and Session Judge

    Mr. Dhanaji Jadhav     

    Judicial Magistrate First Class

    Mrs. Gauri Kadam

    Judicial Magistrate First Class

    Mr. Choudhary Pradeep

    Judicial Magistrate First Class

    Mr. Ravindra

    Judicial Magistrate First Class

    Mr. Arvind Bansal

    Judicial Magistrate First Class

    Dr. J.H. Khomane       

    Judicial Magistrate First Class

    Mr. G.G. Bhansali

    Judicial Magistrate First Class

    Mr. Ojesh Mutum       

    Judicial Magistrate First Class

    Mr. Gautam Naorem

    Asst. Judge, Advocate, Indian Navy

    Corporate Sector

    Name of Alumni


    Richa Singh

    Jones Day, London

    Atit Soni  

    Edelweiss Capital Ltd (Legal Manager)

    Amit Kasera 

    Jain & Co. Solicitor & Advocates

    Rajat Rashmi

    Persistent (Assistant Officer Legal Department)


    Lexis Nexis

    Aman Kalra & Divita Shukla

    L&T Company

    Bhargav Nath, Vaishali  &
    Anuragh Bhatia  


    Rakesh Kumar   

    Krishna Saurashti

    Apurv Harsh 

    Kini Group

    Deyol Sen Gupta  

    Lal & Company

    Ved Vyas Tripathi &
    Chinmay Agrawal      

    Bajaj Allianz

    Bar Councillors

    Dr. Adish Agarwala       

    Vice President, Supreme Court Bar Association

    Dr. Sureshchandra Bhosale        

    Dean, Pune University

    Solicitors at UK

    Zaheer Pathan   

    Dixit Abhishek

    Shubhangi Shivpuje